Luis Barranzuela: Pedro Castillo and Mirtha Vásquez define their permanence as Minister of the Interior

| Photo: Presidency of the Republic

The still Minister of the Interior, Luis Barranzuela placeholder image, would be with the hours counted. The president of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, and the head of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vasquez, They meet this afternoon and await the presence of the Minister of the Interior to define their probable departure from office, after, on the night of October 31, the press reported that in the Barranzuela house there was loud music, guests and even alcohol in the hand of one of them: an apparent party when the government’s own disposition was to prohibit the social gatherings on that date to prevent the spread of COVID-19

On Monday, the premiere, Mirtha Vásquez, asked Luis Barranzuela for explanations for the prohibited event that would have taken place at his home. The Minister of the Interior communicated through Twitter that it was only a “work meeting” to seek to resolve the problems within the country.


Hours later, Mirtha Vasquez reported that he had already received the reply from the Minister of the Interior and described as “unacceptable” the event held at the Barranzuela home. In addition, he announced that he would wait for the arrival of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, who was in Cajamarca, to make a decision on the permanence of the holder of the Interior portfolio.

I have received a response from the Minister of the Interior about the event held yesterday at his home, whicheu I consider unacceptable. Tomorrow, upon the return of the President of the Republic and jointly, we will make the corresponding decisions“Said the premier on her Twitter account


The head of state, Pedro Castillo, He returned to Lima this Tuesday from Cajamarca, where his parents live. The president will meet with the head of the PCM, Mirtha Vásquez, in order to make a decision in the case of the Minister of the Interior, Luis Barranzuela.


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