“Let him go to the cemetery”: Dolores Padierna flooded Sandra Cuevas with a literary skull

Dolores Padierna pointed out the various irregularities that have arisen during the government of Sandra Cuevas (Photo: Twitter)

Dolores Padierna, a member of the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena), showed the literary skull that a neighbor of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office dedicated to Sandra Cuevas, questioned on different occasions for its controversial proposals and alleged links with drug trafficking.

The former senator of the Republic presided over an Assembly of the Fourth Transformation (Q4) and met with the inhabitants of this territory, located in the center of Mexico City, to point out the various irregularities carried out by the current ruler.

Through his social networks, Padierna, who was Morena’s candidate in Cuauhtémoc, showed the literary resource that was sent to him during the event and assured that it was a “sample of ingenuity and creativity” carried out during the Day of the Dead.

Oh, the skull is coming / dressed as Sandra Cuevas / taking all the poor / well, she already feels fifi! / She likes the rich / so that they pay for their luxuries, / What a frivolous mayor / Let her go to the cemetery / we don’t want her here, / what the Cuauhtémoc gentlemen, / It is not a neighborhood of fifis!”.

An alleged neighbor of the Cuauhtémoc dedicated a literary skull to the mayor (Photo: Twitter)
An alleged neighbor of the Cuauhtémoc dedicated a literary skull to the mayor (Photo: Twitter)

Later, during his participation in the Assembly, Padierna assured that ehe government of Cuevas is “spurious” and authoritarian, so they do not seek to support people and their true needs, so he urged people to put a stop to it.

“It’s been a month since we have a spurious government (…) they are authoritarian, they don’t love the people, they don’t know the law. If they arrive by violating her, then they continue to violate her, and that is how it can continue if we do not put a stop to that situation, ”said the brunette.

He also remarked that Cuevas became regent of the Cuauhtémoc and revived old practices with which he only evidenced his ignorance before the local legislature, in addition to being in charge of violating human rights with shock groups.

“We do not have to admit all that existed before, and that struggles had to go through and many comrades died along the way to give us democracy, to give us freedom, and we don’t have to regress or go back,” said Padierna.

Other points made were the different “advertisements” that Cuevas makes in the mayor’s office, such as put your name on the walls and hang flags of the parties of the alliance “Va por México”, situations that are prohibited, because “the name of public officials cannot be used in the image of the institution because a crime is committed.”

Sandra Cuevas has been singled out for her alleged ties to La Unión Tepito (Photo: Twitter / SandraCuevas_)
Sandra Cuevas has been singled out for her alleged ties to La Unión Tepito (Photo: Twitter / SandraCuevas_)

“Our councilors were prevented from entering and there we saw several videos of how there were the flags of the PRIANRD, which should be ashamed of those parties, but violations of the law are committed ”, the former deputy also deepened.

Later, he criticized Cuevas for violating the animal protection law and for the immense amount of money he used on his “red carpet” the day he protested as mayor. Given this, he confirmed, complaints were filed, which have not advanced.

“It began on October 1 with an unconstitutional protest taking (…) It was a chafa party, narco type, that the truth was not talked about public policyIt is not known who is going to govern, nothing (…) the money cannot be used in that way, much less by a public official ”, he indicated.

Finally, he criticized the multiple appearances of “el Toño”, an alleged member of La Unión Tepito, during his public acts, as well as the use of public force for the repression and eviction of the neighbors, facts for which he requested accounts on his part and the corresponding authorities.


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