“It is absurd and irresponsible”: the outrage over the financing that Mexico requested from the G20 to combat climate change

The Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, upon his arrival at the 2021 edition of the G20 Summit (Photo: REUTERS / Guglielmo Mangiapane)

Mexico, represented by its Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, recently participated in the G20 Leaders Summit, this year held in Rome, Italy. Among the main problems discussed there was the climate change. And during his participation, the Mexican Foreign Minister, on behalf of the government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), asked the international community for funding of $ 100 billion to take action to address this problem. Ironic – Several experts have crossed out -, taking into account the position that the current administration has maintained on the subject.

Some of the facts that have been claimed as contradictory to Ebrard’s request is the elimination of the 109 trusts that the Mexican government carried out, since one of them was destined to actions for the conservation of the planet. Similarly, the Dos Bocas refinery –one of AMLO’s flagship projects– is considered a work totally opposed to ecological evolution.

Mexico does not even have the moral quality to go and ask the foreign community for money, when Pemex has lost 60 billion dollars in three years and the government still wants to invest 12 billion dollars more in a refinery, “he said, consulted by Infobae Carlos Alvarez Flores, president of Mexico, communication and environment AC, “eso It’s absurd, no one who was so ashamed could go and ask for money, if the one of the Mexicans is throwing it, literally, in the oil ”.

Dos Bocas Refinery, Tabasco (Photo: Twitter @ SENER_mx)
Dos Bocas Refinery, Tabasco (Photo: Twitter @ SENER_mx)

The also waste expert recalled the General Law on Climate Change, published on June 6, 2012, which precisely established in Article 80 the creation of the Climate Change Fund, in order to attract and channel public, private, national and international financial resources in actions in favor of the environment.

“Mexico does not comply with its own General Law on Climate Change”, as well as, the specialist pointed out, what was promised on November 4, 2016 in the Paris agreement, about reducing carbon emissions by 22% –which is already little in itself. “We are nine years away from that and in reality Mexico has been very irresponsible. Not only this government, although this is worse, but also Peña spent his six-year term without pain or glory.

In addition to the elimination of the Trust to combat Climate Change, Álvarez Flores warned about the budget reduction experienced by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), a department in charge of precisely the conservation of protected natural areas because they are natural systems of carbon capture.

“This new government arrives and instead of resuming the General Law of Climate Change, to hasten actions in this regard due to the commitment of 2016, in 2018 that this government took office, it announces exactly contrary actions“Recalling the announcement of 2019, when Rocío Nahle, Secretary of Energy, announced that the Federal Electricity Commission was going to comply with clean energy certificates,” a joke, because 80% of the energy produced by the CFE is to starting from the burning of fossil fuels ”.

The Tula oil refinery, owned by the Mexican state Pemex, north of Mexico City (Photo: REUTERS / Henry Romero)
The Tula oil refinery, owned by the Mexican state Pemex, north of Mexico City (Photo: REUTERS / Henry Romero)

Despite the cancellation of the trust in the matter, in Mexico does have an income dedicated to clean energy. It has come out of the pocket of Mexicans since 2014 through the carbon tax, which was approved in the 2013 Tax Reform.

Yes they are charging us a tax. All Mexicans are paying a carbon tax since 2014 (…) more than 60 billion pesos have been collected against this background, which, in theory, is to support actions of green energy and measures to adapt to climate change, ”said the specialist, warning that the purpose of these resources is simply not reflected in the current administration.

Similarly, he recalled that in a decision “that the world still does not understand,” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery, “when no one on the planet is building refineries”.

Dos Bocas (Photo: Twitter / @rocionahle)
Dos Bocas (Photo: Twitter / @rocionahle)

“Mr. López Obrador is exactly the other way around: literally the government of Mexico is in the opposite direction to the objectives of the 197 countries that signed the Paris agreement ”, he warned.

For the specialist, what the government should have done is close two or even three refineries, in order to support the global crusade against climate change. He even indicated that the government would still be on time to get back on track in the pro-environmental cause, canceling the construction of Dos Bocas and investing the money from that project in the country’s thermoelectric plants in order to obtain an emissions treatment system.

“What is not right is a ridiculous position; go and ask the international community for money, when what the government of the 4T has done is squander our money “, concluded the expert,”I find the government’s position very unethical, to go and ask for international money if there is no action in favor of the fight against global warming, it is absurd and irresponsible”.


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