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If you want to cancel a company, be worried. This is the only way you will be remembered positively! © Westend61 / Imago

Have you signed a new employment contract and now have to decline another job offer? Learn how to refuse gracefully and politely.

Many are familiar with the situation: The interview with the potential new employer went well, now it’s time to wait for the acceptance. Come this, that salary* fits and the contract is signed, it’s off to new shores, after you quit*. Some are in a luxury situation in their application phase and can choose from several job offers. The decision in itself shouldn’t be that easy, but what is the best way to say no to a company? Of course, this can also happen if you don’t have such a good gut feeling. How to politely and professionally decline a job offer, find out here. Because as the saying goes: “You always see each other twice in life.”

Rejecting a job: Be polite when rejecting a job

Time is an important criterion for both acceptance and rejection: If you are the lucky one and have a job offer from the company, you should Don’t put the decision on the back burner, otherwise it quickly looks unprofessional. Always be polite when you cancel and don’t mess with a company. If the collaboration makes more sense at a later point in time, you can come back without a guilty conscience. Postponing a rejection doesn’t just throw you in a bad light. They also inhibit the company’s application and hiring process. You should therefore respond to the job offer as quickly as possible.

Researching companies, writing applications, preparing for the interview – all of this involves a lot of effort for you. But the HR department also invests a lot of time and resources in sifting through applications and preparing for and following up discussions. If you now receive an acceptance, you can count yourself lucky, the company places a lot of trust in you. So don’t just stay polite when you cancel your job, but also thank you if you decline the job offer.

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Rejecting a job: Give reasons for your decision

Everyone knows them typical 08/15 cancellations with the usual sentences like “Unfortunately we have chosen a different competitor”. In most cases there is no correct justification. What can i work on? What can i improve? Often there are no answers to these questions if the company rejects the application. Do it better! You do not have to give a reason, but with an honest rejection you can help the employer to optimize the job offer. You can also be honest about this and write that you have chosen another company that is a better fit for you. You can also refuse a job for personal reasons. But don’t go into too much detail. Financial reasons have little place in the event of a rejection and will not make you look professional.

Stick to your honesty Job rejection also always positive. Highlight the things that you liked in the interview and about the company.

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Should the application data be deleted?

As we already know, it is extremely important to always be polite and honest when you cancel. So politely round off the letter by continuing with the company I wish you all the best and every success in your search for a suitable candidate.

If you – also in the future – have no interest at all in this company, please ask for them Deletion of your data and the return of the application documents. If this particular position did not appeal to you, but interest in a job is still high, you can ask for it to be included in the database. (pm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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