Guillermo Bermejo: “Music at full volume was from an adjoining house”

“I arrived after 7 pm and I left before 9 pm,” he told Bermejo. | Photo: Agencia Andina

The congressman from Peru Libre, Guillermo Bermejo, who attended the social meeting at the home of the Minister of the Interior, Luis Barranzuela placeholder image, He assured that the music at high volume did not come from the house of the owner of the Interior, but from an adjoining house, despite the fact that residents of the place told the press that the noise did come from the house in Barranzuela.

I arrived after 7 pm and left before 9 pm It was not a party, the music at full volume as it is easy to prove was from an adjoining house. The cars ‘in quantity’ as maliciously speak, are from the neighbors and you could see them today tomorrow and always”, He told RPP.

Bermejo told that media that the reason for the meeting at the home of Minister Barranzuela was the social protest of Antamina.

We had dinner and talked about the Antamina social protest that we are resolving right now. There was no more”, He expressed.


The Interior Minister, who was previously questioned by Congress, said in the morning that It was a “work meeting”, because “Peru cannot stop”. Hours later, he sought to clarify his version through a thread on his Twitter account.

Stated that “The presence of few people” in your home “It was due to a coordination meeting in the face of conflicts within our Peru, and in no way of a social nature or massive event.”

The people who could not attend were in contact via zoom such as the Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo González Toro, who accompanied us until 6:00 p.m.“, Add. However, reporters from Channel 2, who arrived first at the minister’s house, indicated that the noise from the loud music started at 7pm.

Our priority continues to be to ensure public order with respect for human rights and social peace throughout the country”, Concluded the minister.


The Commission for the Defense of Congress He summoned the Minister of the Interior for this Wednesday, November 3, so that he can explain about the alleged party he held at his home.

The head of this working group, José Williams, indicated, through a statement, that the Minister of the Interior must also report on other issues for which he is questioned, since he did not attend the summons of last Friday, October 22. What’s more, asked Barranzuela to leave office.

The Defense Commission that I preside will summon him this Wednesday 03, to report on this fact and other related events, which have not been clarified, since he did not attend the previous summons. We ask President Pedro Castillo to avoid the country further questioning his government and relieve him of the position“, Held.


Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez, faced with the scandal of the holding of a party at the house of Surco of the head of the Ministry of the Interior, Luis Barranzuela, sent a letter demanding “In the shortest time” clarify this event that contravenes the regulations given a few days ago by the Minister that prohibited type of mass event, such as parades, carnivals, patron saint festivities, traditional festivals and civil activities, as well as any form of meeting and / or event (social, political, cultural or other nature) that involves concentration of people.

The document sent by the office of Mirtha Vasquez ask the minister Luis Barranzuela placeholder image that “As soon as possible, clarify the facts made known by different media, according to which you would have carried out an event at your home on October 31 of this present, with the consequent concentration of people, even though the Supreme Decree 131-2021-PCM and other regulations prohibit it in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 ″.

“If these facts are confirmed, they would imply that a minister violates the norms issued by the Council of Ministers itself, which is even more serious considering that the Ministry of which you are head has a key responsibility in the State’s task of guaranteeing compliance with measures against COVID-19 ″, emphasizes the document.

Furthermore, he adds that “This requirement is carried out by virtue of my attributions established in the Political Constitution of Peru. whose article 123, paragraph 2, indicates that it corresponds to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to coordinate the functions of the other ministers “.


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