Google Two-Step Verification: What It Is And Why You Should Activate It

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If you are a frequent user of the google productsLike Gmail, YouTube, among others, you have been able to receive an alert message, which informs your community that a new security mechanism will be implemented to protect the data of those registered on your platform.

The message that you will receive through Gmail or your Google account mentions that when you log in with your password you must complete a second step with the help of your cell phone. Through a secret code a security layer will be generated.

Important: the two-step verification will be activated automatically on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.


This is a new service from Google to provide a better experience to its users and guarantee the security of their data. This is additional protection in case your password is stolen or you are a victim of phishing.

When you make the configuration, you will be able to enter your account with the help of a password and a code that will be sent to your cell phone or PC.


In order to start the Google verification process, you must follow these simple steps so that your account is safe on the Internet:

STEP 1: Open your Google Account.

STEP 2: Enter the navigation panel and select the option that says “Security”.

STEP 3: In the “Access Google” section, select 2-step verification and then get started.

STEP 4: Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

The important fact: you must bear in mind that these accounts that will need to be verified have an educational institution or work center as administered. If you have any kind of inconvenience to carry out the process, you should contact those responsible for the area.


After doing the two-step verification configuration, what you should do is download the Google authenticator on your cell phone. This is an App to receive access codes, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. It is available in the Android and iOS digital stores.


You must first do the Google Authenticator free download.

From your cell phone enter your Google account.

At the top of the navigation panel select the “Security” option.

When you see in the menu “Access to Google”, press “Verification in two steps”.

In the section “Add more second steps to verify your identity” in “Authenticator App” select the one that says “Configure”. Complete the boxes with the requested information.

One tip that the developers give is to choose Google messages as a second step, since they are easier to enter than verification codes and protect you against a SIM card change and other attacks on cell phone numbers.


Google offers an alternative to help users. If you do not want to perform a second verification step each time you enter your computer or cell phone, you must check the option that says “Do not ask again on this computer.”

The recommendation they provide is that you should only select that alternative only on devices that you use frequently and don’t share with anyone.



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