Father let his two-year-old son die and buried him in the courtyard of his house in Guanajuato: the prosecution linked him to a murder trial


For almost a month, no one knew that the second child of a couple who lived in the community of San José de Gracia, Guanajuato, his father had left him to die and buried in the courtyard of the house. For almost three weeks no one heard from him, until a DIF official noticed his absence and requested the support of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guanajuato.

The members of the FGEG detained the father of the minor. The prosecution reported Monday in a statement that it was linked to a criminal proceeding against the father, identified as Juan Diego “N”, for the crime of kinship homicide by preventing the child from receiving adequate medical attention to save his life.

The events occurred on the afternoon of October 8, when Juan Diego and his partner were at their home located on September 16 Street, in the company of their three children (four, two and one year old). That afternoon, according to reports, the 2-year-old boy began to suffer seizures, and around 6:00 p.m. his condition worsened due to lack of oxygen. His mother, alarmed, prepared to take him to the hospital, but Juan Diego prevented her, even resorting to violence to prevent them from leaving the house.

According to the accusation, collected by an agent of the Public Ministry, and cited by the newspaper AM, it was learned that Juan Diego prevented his wife from taking the child to the hospital for care. The authorities in charge of the case discovered that the mother tried to take all her children with her, but the father got in the way and ended up physically assaulting two members of the family.

EFE / STR / File
EFE / STR / File

He is going to die, leave him now. It’s not mine anyway. Then I will make you another“Said the defendant with a laugh, as established in the investigation.

According to reports in the local press, one of them was the mother and the other the child under two years of age who found it difficult to breathe. The neighbors tried to intercede in the family lawsuit, but Juan Diego allegedly prevented them. The minor ended up dying in that place and his body was hidden for 18 days in a suitcase that was buried in the backyard, according to the data reported by the local prosecutor’s office.

The parents already had a history of allegations of family violence. On October 26, a DIF official who came to the house to supervise the minors noticed that one of them was missing. The explanations given by the two adults were disjointed, the father said that the child was with one of his grandmothers in the community of Xoconostle, and the mother told them that her son was in San José de Gracia, with his father.

Subsequently, and due to suspicions, the DIF contacted FGEG personnel and eventually the whereabouts of the minor’s body were discovered. At first, Juan Carlos told them that the boy had died and that they did not want to contact the authorities. The prosecution said about the detainee that he suffered a pathological situation of rejection against minors, but specifically against the deceased.

The authorities pointed out that Juan Diego abused and mistreated the minor because he was convinced that he was not his son. For that same reason they suspect that he let him die when he suffered seizures. The FGEG reported that it linked him to trial for the crime of homicide on the grounds of kinship or family relationship.


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