Energy consumption: last upswing in nuclear power, renewables are weakening

Wind power declining

There were significant changes in the contributions of individual energy sources. Renewable energies contributed a total of two percent less to primary energy consumption.

While hydropower plants grew, the contribution of wind turbines to electricity generation on land fell by 18 percent and at sea by 14 percent. Overall, the share of renewable energies in the first nine months was 16.1 percent.

Coal on the rise, mineral oil first again

Fossil energies were significantly more in use, with natural gas (26.3 percent) losing its top position again to mineral oil (32.0 percent) in the course of the summer.

The consumption of hard coal rose in the first months of the current year by 20, the consumption of lignite by almost 26 percent. Both raw materials were mainly used to generate electricity.

Farewell to three nuclear reactors

Nuclear energy also picked up again. Compared to the same period in the previous year, it contributed eight percent more to electricity production.

But that shouldn’t have been more than one last rebellion. Because by the end of the year, with the shutdowns of the Meiler Grohnde, Brokdorf and Gundremmingen C, a total of more than four gigawatts of electricity generation capacity should go off the grid. (aba)

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