East Jerusalem: Palestinian families reject compromise on houses

Status: 02.11.2021 5:41 p.m.

They could have stayed for 15 years, but had to recognize a Jewish nationalist organization as the owner. Palestinian families rejected this compromise proposal by the Supreme Court in Israel. Now they are threatened with eviction.

By Benjamin Hammer, ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

Four Palestinian families in east Jerusalem have rejected a compromise proposal to prevent evictions. The Israeli Supreme Court is a court of occupation, the families write in a statement. The proposal is rejected unanimously.

Benjamin Hammer
ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

For years, the possible eviction of Palestinian families has created enormous tensions that extend far beyond East Jerusalem. In the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, a Jewish nationalist organization is laying claim to several properties. Before the founding of the state of Israel, the land was owned by Jews.

Israeli courts have proven the nationalist organization’s reasoning right in the past. However, the Palestinian families see themselves as the rightful owners of the houses.

The compromise proposal stipulated that the families recognize the property of the Jewish organization. For this they could have stayed in the houses for at least 15 years and only had to pay a small rent. However, the families speak of colonialism by settlers and therefore reject a compromise.

A decision on eviction is pending

The Supreme Court must now decide without compromise whether the families must be evicted. Israel conquered, occupied and later annexed East Jerusalem in 1967.

In May, the tensions in Sheikh Jarrah contributed to the armed conflict between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel. At that time, Hamas fired rockets at the greater Jerusalem area, partly justifying this with the tensions in the neighborhood.

Possible evictions: Palestinian families refuse to compromise

Benjamin Hammer, ARD Tel Aviv, 2.11.2021 · 16:54


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