COVID-19: Peru reports 169 new confirmed cases and 3,135 hospitalized in the last 24 hours

Situation of Peru against COVID-19. (Photo: Andina)

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that on October 31, a total of 17 Dead people throughout Peru due to COVID-19.

This figure would be added to the total number of deaths since the pandemic began, being 200 thousand 276 deaths registered by the Minsa.


After updating the COVID-19 Situation Room, the health authority specified that until 10:00 p.m. on the last Sunday samples had been processed for 19 million 107,779 people.

Of all those discard tests for SARS-CoV-2, 16 million 905,590 were negative. Consequently, the accumulated positive arrived until October 31 at 2 million 202,189 cases counted. This figure began with the appearance of “patient zero”, who was the first case confirmed by the health authorities.

The Minsa also reported that in this last report the results of 20,612 people sampled, of which 169 cases were confirmed as symptomatic that day.

In addition, until the last test taking, the results of the tests were partially recorded. 393 confirmed COVID-19 cases from the previous seven days.


Peru arrived by inoculating 56% of its target population with both doses, however, it is important to emphasize that we must not lower our guard, because the Ministry of Health reported that to date they have 3,125 patients hospitalized for COVID-19, of which 860 are in critical condition inside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and breathing with the help of mechanical ventilation.

In the last report issued by the official health entity, it is verified that to date they are 2 million 181,044 people who have already overcome the disease, and they were discharged from a health facility or completed a period of home isolation. On this figure, it is known that during the October 31, 43 people were discharged.

These data and more have been updated in the Minsa system.

Likewise, the health entity regretted informing that COVID-19 has produced the death of 200,276 citizens in the country.

Situational room in Peru against COVID-19.  (Photo: Minsa)
Situational room in Peru against COVID-19. (Photo: Minsa)


Peru has 33 million inhabitants, and it is the one that accumulates 2.2 million cases and 200,246 deaths from COVID-19 until October 31, almost 12,000 of them only in the Piura region. Peru rose to the top of this sad world ranking due to high rates of poverty (30%) and informal work (80%), as well as the overcrowding of homes and the precarious health system, according to experts. Many Peruvians did not respect the mandatory quarantine due to the need to go out to work in order to survive and others simply because they could not bear being locked up at home, the latter situation was perceived mainly in young people.

Peru has the highest mortality rate in the world, with more than 6,070 deaths per million inhabitants, according to a count by the AFP based on official data. In comparison, the neighboring country Chile has 1,973 deaths per million inhabitants, Brazil 2,854, the United States 2,240 and Mexico 2,228. Peru leads the list of countries with the highest death from COVID-19.

However, the work they have been doing on vaccination is notorious, going to remote places to inoculate the residents. Will Peru be able to stop heading the list with the highest number of deaths in the world? The decision is made by the authorities and the people themselves.

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