Collateral damage of the scandal between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi: Zaira and her boyfriend, on the verge of separation

Wanda and Zaira Nara

The scandal between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, who has China Suárez as an alleged third party in disagreement after the businesswoman found chats between the actress and the PSG footballer, continues to generate collateral damage. This time, in the partner of Zaira and the father of her children, Jakob Von Plessen, who would have been an “accomplice” of Rosario.

“At the time there was also a conflict between Zaira and her husband, because Wanda and Zaira would be suspicious at a time when they were in Paris, and they went by private plane to spend a few days alone in Milan, and the husbands stayed, “he said on Saturday in Authentic Polino Amalia Granata.

Then he explained that from that trip between the sisters “The possibility arises that Zaira’s husband has been an accomplice of these posts, and they also suspect that there may have been an encounter”. Later, he was blunt about Malaika and Viggo’s dad. “Zaira’s husband would have been an accomplice, he covered him as a brother-in-law, and they both suspected this”.

For its part, Marcelo Polino, a close friend of China Suárez to whom even she gave the news exclusively that she was pregnant with Magnolia, said: “I will sign that for you, there was no meeting.”

In dialogue with Paparazzi, close to the couple said that “they are not going to separate but the weekend had a bad time ”. “She is in a very important crisis with her husband because of what happened with Mauro Icardi. He can’t believe he’s gotten in there ”, detailed.

Everything seemed to be calmer between Wanda and Mauro, but in the last hours the crisis rumors sounded again after the oldest of the Nara took a plane as published on her Instagram account. Ángel de Brito said that his destination was Milan.

Zaira with her partner and children
Zaira with her partner and children

The driver of The angels of the morning He added that Wanda traveled alone and not accompanied by her children. Is that the last time you left Paris with Francesca and Isabella -his daughters with the footballer- it was in the midst of a marital crisis. She, for her part, did not provide further details about her days outside the French capital. Just as it is not known when he plans to return.

In turn, she deleted from her Instagram account the photos she had with her husband, with whom she celebrated the fifth birthday of her youngest daughter, Isabella, last week. Even the letter in which she gave details of the reasons that had led her to reconcile with the forward with whom she has been in a relationship for seven years.

For his part, after the scandal Eugenia la China Suárez returned to Buenos Aires after spending almost two months in Madrid filming a movie. The former Casi Ángeles had traveled with her children Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio. During the first days after it was known that he had chatted with Icardi, it was rumored that he was dating Nicolás Furtado, but he immediately opened up and published a photo of Ester Expósito, the young Spanish actress with whom he was also linked .

After the scandal, the actress told her version of events: “What is happening today has a much bigger and deeper story behind it, with which many women will surely feel identified. I have had to relate to men who I have always believed their words: that they were separated or separated and that there were no conflicts ”.

“I feel in this situation a Already seen infernal, where I pay again with my reputation for matters that are the personal domain of any woman. A repetition that reveals my inexperience and, above all, deep credibility I gave to these men who then fell silent letting the wolves eat me”, He continued, in what would be a reference for the beginning of his relationship with Benjamín Vicuña.


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