Between “Neighbors” and life with his girlfriend: how were the last months of Octavio Ocaña

Octavio Ocaña died at the age of 22 (Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocaa)

Octavio Ocaña lost his life this Friday, October 29 after being shot by a firearm after a persecution in the State of Mexico. The news has shocked the public, who saw the actor grow since he was a child in his role as “ Benito Rivers ” in the popular series Neighbors from Televisa.

It was on the morning of this Saturday, October 30, when it was announced that on Friday afternoon Octavio lost his life as a result of a police chase which began in the streets of the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli and extended to the Chamapa – Lechería highway, in Atizapán.

The first thing that was known is that Octavio was traveling with two people, and that the police had apparently received a notice through the entity’s C-4 that alerted that apparently an armed person was traveling aboard the van Jeep Gray. The virtual search began, and when he was located by some patrolmen they began to ask him to stop.

Octavio Ocana
At the age of seven, he became known in “Neighbors” after having participated in “In family with Chabelo” Photo: Archive

This Sunday night an information card was issued, in which the expert facts conclude that the actor apparently died when he was hit in the containment fence, and they affirm that Ocaña carried with him a firearm that he stole from the vehicle’s glove compartment., this according to the passenger who was in the passenger seat.

According to the statement of the policemen, the deceased did not stop and instead accelerated. While with his right hand he was holding the gun, with his left he was driving the truck, a fact that It would have destabilized him to the point of accidentally activating the weapon against him.

But the last days of Octavio were far from violent events, because the actor had been seen on social networks enjoying his daily life in which he was seen happy next to his girlfriend. A week before I die The remembered actor had fun with his partner and her son in the Alameda Central in Mexico City.

In the photos and clips shared then by his fiancée, Nerea Godínez, the redhead is seen teaching the little boy to rollerblade and enjoying an afternoon in the emblematic park of the capital city.

After Ocaña’s death, Nerea, with whom he had become engaged just last June, wrote: “ I would like to find the right way to explain your absence to our child, the lack that you will do in our day to day, that his ‘papa Tavo’ is not going to return homeMaybe he still doesn’t understand the meaning of what happened, he just won’t see you ever again, and that makes my shattered heart break even more. ”

The actor and his fiancee used to share his steps, in the last publication that Ocaña shared about the romance we see him on a walk in Arandas, Jalisco, “ Thank you for being by my side when I need it. I love you.”

PHOTO: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Octavio loved his fiancee’s little son and they planned to become a family Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo

In addition to living his romance with the young woman, with whom he already had wedding plans, Ocaña was also enjoying the success of the recent season of Neighbors, a comedy program produced by Elías Solorio with which he became known in 2005, when he was chosen by the first actor César Bono.

” César Bono and Solorio told me that they had already chosen me for the last test, but I added two more children. César had a friend named Octavio just died and he asked me to be with him because we were noses and it reminded him of his friend, ” he said in June of this year to Eph, with a broken voice.

Octavio Ocana
This is how the official account of “Neighbors” on Twitter was pronounced (Photo: Twitter / @ Vecinosoficial)

In the chapter of the eleventh season of the series broadcast this Sunday, which had already been announced on Friday before the death was known, Benito was the protagonist of the plot. At the beginning of show the voice of ” Germán ” (actor Eduardo España), the building’s doorman, was heard, who with his characteristic tone made reference to the young man’s memory: ‘‘Dear Octavio, you will always be our Benito, how loved, eh, how admired.’ ‘


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