Axpo participates in Swiss Green Gas International

Axpo has a 25 percent stake in Swiss Green Gas International AG (SGGI). SGGI plans and implements Power-To-X systems in Northern Europe that generate hydrogen and synthetic methane (green gas) from renewable electricity. According to its own statements, Axpo intends to take a significant step towards the energy transition and decarbonisation of the gas supply.

The exit from fossil fuels will not succeed simply by converting electricity production to renewable technologies. In addition, the availability of hydrogen and green gas is a prerequisite, according to a press release. These could be produced at suitable locations and from renewable sources using Power-to-X technologies.

Further shareholders of SGGI are Holdigaz SA, which supplies around 160 municipalities in the cantons of Vaud, Wallis and Friborg with gas, Nordur Group GmbH, a development and investment company, and the city of Schlieren. (amo)

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