Anuel AA, Blessd and other Latin music premieres to start November

Every week, there are several musical premieres that take over digital platforms and, for that reason, Infobae Colombia presents a selection of five artists, belonging to different genres, which go ‘from strength to strength’ with their new releases.

The global Latin artist, rapper and songwriter from Puerto Rico, Anuel AA, released his new reggaeton song and music video called ‘Dictatorship’, which will be part of his next project the third album ‘Legends never die’.

Although the pioneering Latin trap artist recently shared the name of the new album with his fans, he has yet to announce the release date.

“The concept of this video was to establish in the message that all legends have a story of where they started, which has become their legacy. The “Dictatorship” video is one of many that I direct and I wanted the plot to guide my fans through a concept storyboard for my upcoming album Legends Never Die. I can’t wait for you to see what is to come, but I want you to be inspired by the concept of legends in the way they have influenced my career and my story, “said the famed musician.

It is a concept album and its cover letter that shows the versatility it has Blessd as an artist by joining with some of the most important voices of the genre among which stand out: Lyanno, Jamby, Brray, among others.

This production highlights the large number of sounds, freestyles and variants of the urban genre; a mixture of sounds that marked the project of the young artist in its beginnings and the classic reggaeton executed with great quality taking care of technical and aesthetic detail that converge to present a collection of songs that represent the great moment he is living Blessd in your career currently.

“For me the release of my first album is very important and exciting, because that is where I can exploit my versatility and my musical evolution. I want my city and my fans to be part of this album, that is why this album was recorded and produced in Medellín by a team made in Medellín and recognized worldwide ”, commented the young artist.

The singer originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, is about to write a new chapter in her musical history with the release of her fifth album, this concept album, one of the most ambitious in her career, seeks to return to that stage of reliving the music that our parents listened to.

Always willing to take new risks and experiment with the desire to get out of her comfort zone, the singer-songwriter included in different songs the participation of artists such as Tessa Ía, the Colombian singer and composer Llane, as well as the mariachi group Flor de Toloache, composed exclusively of women.

With 3 Latin Grammy nominations, and more than 100 songs on digital platforms such as “Tusa” “Hawaii” and “Stop”, the Colombian composer makes his debut as a singer with the release of “Nueva Version”.

Born in Palmira (Valle del Cauca), the young artist has become one of the most reputable urban music authors, for which he now hopes that fans will support the music in his voice, in the same way they have endorsed the hits he has written for other artists.

“I could continue composing for the rest of my life, but I needed more. He needed to feel something intense, new. I know what it’s like to be nominated for a Grammy, to have thousands of people singing your song. Now I want to be singing with them, ”he said.

Over a beat minimalist of dembow Spaced and atmospheric, the artists say goodbye to a couple who wants to prolong a concrete separation many times.

There are those who do not learn despite all the signs and there are those who despite having a clear lesson, decide to keep trying. This is the story of “TELODÍ”, the first collaboration of Dawer x Damper from Cali with Rap Bang Club.

“This song came out straight. It’s one of those honest songs that comes out, the promise of the moment and friendship, “said Karin B. of the Rap Bang Club.

Dawer x Damper will be presented on November 27 at the Coca-Cola Flow Fest in Mexico.


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