Akin Akinözü: “We cannot allow our spark to go out”

Akin Akinözü reveals extra details – no spoilers – of his role as Jamal in the series The game of my destiny. He also reflects on the main reasons why he saw something in acting that would lead him not to pursue a career in finance. In addition, he confesses what struck him about Lady’s Gambit and what he did, for the first time, thanks to his new acting challenge. All this from Italy, in a hand in hand with Infobae.

His artistic career has forced him to constantly find a point of balance in that fine line that separates fame from his intimate life, about which little is known. The son of the actress Ozlem Akinozu acknowledges that she is still learning to deal with exposure after her successful global starring role with Hercai. Akin seeks to achieve a balance in which his work does not intersect with his personal space.

The Turk is considered a big fan of women’s work in film and music. And admits that he would love to be able to dine with Meryl Streep or have met Marilyn Monroe.

The Serie The game of my destiny It will be released soon in various countries around the world. Since it was announced a few weeks ago, the previews have attracted attention for telling something different, outside of some prototypes. The story revolves around a 30-year-old woman named Asiye (Story Karayel), who is raised by her stepmother. When he turns 17, he runs away from home, leaving behind a difficult childhood.

Akın Akınözü and Öykü Karayel, before shooting a scene from My Destiny Game

Along the way, he meets Jamal (Akin Akinözü), marries him and has two children, Daffodil and Hope. However, the marriage becomes unstable, starting with financial problems, so Cemal abandons his wife and children to have a better life with a rich woman named Helin. Asiye he must move on together with his two sons. In the process he meets Mahir, and everything changes.

In the first part of this interview, Akin spoke of the challenge of impersonating a man with dark intentions. “In the end we are all human: we have a dark side and a light side, whatever you want to call it. A dark side and a white side. And it looks like he’s the bad boy and I want to go down that road, “he said. But this character is also teaching him new things: “I drove a truck for the first time. I have seen many trucks and I never imagined it would be so difficult. It takes a lot. I respect them a lot more now ”.

Akin Akinozu
Akin Akinözü Instagram photo

The human being is constantly questioning about the meaning of happiness, how to find and perceive it. Its complexity has prevented him from understanding that you can enjoy a full life in the simple and small things. If it is a matter of finding happiness, you should look at day to day, since it is allied to certain basic rules that – unconsciously – are applied. In this case, it is not the difference. That is why, behind the renowned actor, there is a very particular ideology of life. “Know yourself, which is the golden rule of philosophy. Patience. Play to understand and listen. Also, as long as we take care of our spark, we will be able to succeed and achieve what we want ”affirms Akin, sharing his formula of bliss.

Well they say that everything can change in a second. For Akinözü it was two hours and 16 minutes in 1999, in California. I was watching the movie for the second time The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves. For him, his life, at that moment, had a quite particular course. It was a kind of premonition about his purpose. Matrix It inspired me to that and it opened up a world of new possibilities, because behind all those action scenes there was a great philosophy about movies that can achieve that. So I said to myself: ‘Okay, I want to be part of that, let’s get to it’ “recalls the actor.

If you want to find out what Akin Akinozu liked so much about Lady’s gambit, you can watch the full series on Netflix. While The Matrix It’s in HBO Max.


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