17 things to avoid when traveling by plane, according to cabin crew

Cabin crew are the face of aeronautical companies with vast experience and accumulated miles (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

Being a cabin crew member on an airplane packed with passengers means having to deal with people and their habits. The flight attendants are in charge of imposing order, taking care of the rules and ensuring the safety of each of the people.

However, in order to do their job they sometimes have to battle in some cases with the rudeness of some travelers. For this reason, the website Business Insider He spoke with several workers in the area to list a list of actions or behaviors that could be upsetting to them.

The emergence of COVID-19 on the global scene also had an important impact with regard to getting on an aircraft.

The staff must battle in some cases with the rudeness of some travelers (REUTERS / Carlos García Rawlins)
The staff must battle in some cases with the rudeness of some travelers (REUTERS / Carlos García Rawlins)

According specifies the Argentine Ministry of Transport in conjunction with the local health portfolio, on domestic flights Each province may require an exclusive special certificate or permit to circulate or enter.

In no case may people who meet the status of “suspicious case“Or the condition of”confirmed case”Of COVID-19, according to definitions established by the national health authority, nor those who must comply with isolation in the terms of Decree No. 260/20, its amendment and complementary regulations.

Regarding international flights, for entry and exit to the national territory, the National Directorate of Migrations establishes that those Argentines, Argentines, and residents who present a complete vaccination scheme 14 days before arrival, negative PCR 72 hours prior to shipment, PCR 5 or 7 days after arrival, will be exempted from conducting isolation upon arrival. In addition, they must have the proof of their vaccination registered in the My Argentina Application, if the vaccination was carried out in the Argentine Republic. “Those who do not present a complete vaccination scheme, must quarantine,” they warn.

In no case may people who have the status of
In no case may people who have the status of “suspected case” or “confirmed case” of COVID-19 be allowed to circulate through airports or get on any public transport (Getty)

It in turn governs a tourism pilot plan, opening up to neighboring countries, by which Since October 1, all those nationals or residents of neighboring countries who have stayed in these during the fourteen days prior to entering the national territory have entered..

The Foreigners who do not come for tourist reasons and are duly authorized by Migrations to enter the country for work or medical reasons, they must also meet these same requirements.

In the case of those who were vaccinated abroad, they must have the proof validated by the country that carried out the vaccination. On the other hand, they must develop their social, labor, commercial and sports activities, taking extreme measures of prevention and care in the 10 days after the negative PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to shipment.

Returning to the recommendations of the cabin crew personnel, 17 simple things to keep in mind:

1- Do not take up too much space in the upper compartments

2- It is not bad to say even a simple “hello” when arriving at the ship and descending

Avoid cluttering the compartments with your things (Photo: Getty Images)
Avoid cluttering the compartments with your things (Photo: Getty Images)

3- Be patient and wait for the staff to arrive with a bag to throw away the garbage

4- Do not put your feet on the seats in front

5- Do not ask “what drinks do you serve?” when the staff with the cart approaches

Don't expose your bare feet like you're at home (Photo: Getty Images)
Don’t expose your bare feet like you’re at home (Photo: Getty Images)

6- Explain to your stewardess I crew how you like to drink coffee in a friendly way

7- Pay attention (or at least pretend that you do) to the safety instructions

8- Take responsibility for your belongings

At least pretend you're interested (Photo: Getty Images)
At least pretend you’re interested (Photo: Getty Images)

9- Do not use the toilets while the plane is descending or unbuckle your seat belt when indicated

10- Take off your headphones when a flight authority is speaking to you

11- Only press the call button when it is really necessary

Show a little respect (Getty Images)
Show a little respect (Getty Images)

12- The flight attendants prefer that you remain seated while they are attending you. Drinks tend to spill in sudden movements and more in tight spaces such as between seats

13- Do not remove the mask at any time and / or decide not to use it. It is an obligation for everyone and not complying with this indication can have serious consequences

14- Do not snap your fingers to get the attention of your flight attendant

Flight attendants advise 17 things to avoid when traveling by plane
Flight attendants advise 17 things to avoid when traveling by plane

15- Try not to take your shoes off during the flight

16- Avoid acting as if traveling first class is a right

17- Stop complaining about food is a good starting point so as not to annoy the staff


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